Not necessarily!

Okay, I am definitely not going to tell you that you shouldn't  be consuming fresh Fruit & Vegetables! I mean, take a smoothie for example, it isn't made of powder! - you add powder to a mix of fruit and veg for an extra nourishing boost! but sadly, in reality, the fruit & veg that you pick up from your local supermarket has actually been in transit for a few days before it has even reached the shelf.


And then there is the whole organic issue, I know that it is sometimes hard to eat Organic, really, I know!I know in big cities like London etc, they seem to have an abundance of places to buy organic, (me coming from outside of York in the UK definitely found it to be lacking) I think my Local Sainsbury's has maybe 20% of Organic Fruit and Veg - and of course, the price issue, it is always more expensive, so I do understand that this can be hard, but please please, buy organic where you can, your health has no price tag!

There are lots of reasons why powders are better than whole fruit & Veg - They are super convenient to add to a smoothie or water for an extra boost - no mess - no fuss.

Sometimes for example, a fresh Banana might not be the right consistency for flavour in a dessert, whereas the powder will be perfect, this of course goes for a lot of recipes using powders over 'whole'                             And the obvious fact, as mentioned above, powders are made into powder as soon as the product is 'picked' meaning all of the original nutrients and nourishing benefits are locked in - and of course, all of our powders at Earthy Nourishment are 100% Organic

How is the organic range where you live?